Pure Resonance Audio MC2.5W Mini Cube Speaker 2.5 Swiveling Surround Sound Wide SoundStage Priced Per Pair

Satellite Speakers
Pure Resonance Audio MC2.5W speakers deliver large sound from a small package. They are easily installed in almost any location to enhance the sound of your home, home theater, office, and store in seconds. The Pure Resonance MC2.5W Mini Cube dual-pivoting speaker arrays feature revolutionary cube speaker technology to create an exceptionally wide soundstage in the listening area, and bring your home entertainment experience to the next level. The speakers swivel, allowing you to reflect sound off your rooms walls, as well as project it directly into the room. Youre immersed in a surround sound experience similar to what youd get in a movie theater. The mini-cube speakers are compact, allowing for installation in any room without being intrusive to your decor. Each speaker has two pivoting cubes that each contain a 2.5 inch driver with rubber surround speaker covered with a metal grille. The magnets are shielded for home theater use near monitors. Great for use throughout the home or office or retail store in small or large areas where you dont want large bulky speakers to be scene. Where a full-range bass sound is required we recommend using a subwoofer. MOUNTING BRACKETS INCLUDED.

Metal grills.
Dual-pivoting speaker arrays.
Magnets are shielded for use near monitors.
Mounting brackets included.